Boston Butt

1 4 to 5 pound Boston butt roast
4 T liquid smoke
1/3 C Worcestershire sauce
1 medium onion broken apart
3 bay leaves
3/4 C brown sugar
1 C apple juice
olive oil to grease roasting pan
garlic salt (I used this instead of powder and salt)

Preheat oven to 400. Lightly grease inside of deep roasting pan. Put Worcestershire sauce and liquid smoke in a separate bowl and soak Boston butt. I just poured the sauce over and turned it from side to side a couple times. Pour apple juice into roasting pan. Cut up onion and break it apart. Add to roasting pan along with the bay leaves.

Drain the Worcestershire sauce from the bowl. Liberally sprinkle garlic salt and pepper on all sides of the butt. Then coat all sides with brown sugar, pressing it on to create a crust and place it in the roasting pan. Cover and put it in the oven at 400 degrees for 45 minutes.

After 45 minutes, turn the oven down to 200 and bake for 4 1/4 hours. To test for doneness,
uncover the roast and the meat should be so tender it falls apart easily or the internal
temperature should read 170 degrees F. Let meat cool for a few minutes, then slice.

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